Buying a Chevy? You May Want to Wait Until This Summer

Buying a Chevy? You May Want to Wait Until This Summer

Couldn't make it to the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show? Never fear -- the Fool was there to check out the tech and report back on who was there and what was new. With thousands of products in more than 15 categories, the next big thing was surely making its debut at the CES in Las Vegas.

Many carmakers are looking at built-in wireless connectivity, and Chevrolet has taken the plunge. Starting this summer, several models of Chevy will come with 4G LTE and a suite of apps for information, entertainment, navigation, and more.

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Eric Bleeker: Hey, Fools. I'm Eric Bleeker at the CES convention, and we're on the floor. This is very much now a car show -- cars are taking over -- it's quite unbelievable!

We're at Chevrolet right now, and one of the major announcements has been that you guys are actually going to begin building 4G or LTE service into cars. Could you tell me a little bit about this?

Chevy Representative: Absolutely, and thank you for coming to the Chevrolet booth today. Basically, we made an announcement that on 2015 models -- so this summer -- we're including OnStar 4G LTE into our vehicles. What this allows us to do is that you don't need to use your cell phone anymore to power the app, the idea being that as a consumer you don't have to worry about your phone; it just works.

In addition to the 4G announcement, we've also announced the Chevrolet App Shop. This is actually an application ecosystem that is embedded into the vehicle, so again, no need for a phone whatsoever. We're launching with 11 different apps in kind of a broad category -- music, to schedule hotels -- it looks close to you.

Our big thing, we're not going after the total quantity of applications. We're going after quality, so we work with developers to really create apps that enhance the life of someone who's driving a vehicle. It has to give a benefit, so that means changing icons, making buttons larger, making it easier for someone who's driving a vehicle to use.

Bleeker: Sure. Just as a couple examples, what are some media applications that you guys would have?

Chevy Representative: We're launching with iHeart Radio, TuneIn, we have Slacker -- those are some great examples of some music-based apps -- we also have Kaliki and Glympse.

Glympse allows you to share your GPS location, for a set period of time, with a friend. Say for instance we're meeting somewhere, and I'm from out of town. Instead of you constantly pestering me -- "Where are you? Where are you?" -- for a set period of time it's actually going to let you track me. Then always is a very popular app.

Bleeker: Great. What percent of your fleet size will this be an option on?

Chevy Representative: I couldn't really give you a percent. I could actually tell you the specific models. For 2015 we're going to put this on our Spark, Spark EV, Silverado, Silverado HD, Impala, Malibu, and Equinox, and finally the Volt.

Bleeker: Great. Final question -- pricing, we had talked before, to be determined. Who are you working with to bring the actual connectivity here?

Chevy Representative: Correct. The OnStar 4G LTE is an agreement with AT&T .

Bleeker: Great. Thank you very much for taking our questions.

Chevy Representative: No problem; thank you.

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