Want Cheap 4K For The PC? Better Be Ready To Compromise

While PC gamers have been gunning down enemies at resolutions of 1900 x 1080 for years already, console gamers and the rest of the world have only just caught up leaving everyone asking what's next? We skipped 3D because that was a stupid idea, but 4K resolutions are something we can get behind.

As usual, many PC gamers have been playing beyond HD for some time at resolutions like 2560 x 1600, but this takes it even further, to 3840x2160 - a huge jump in visual clarity. The problem though, is that even a year ago, the only capable displays cost thousands and thousands of dollars, but now Dell is here to the rescue, with a sub $1000 4K display called the P2815Q - but is it worth it?
Why wouldn't it be? You might be asking: because Dell has had to make major cutbacks to make this thing cheap enough. Take a guess where. No, not the resolution, that would be dumb since the whole point is it's a 4K screen. No, not the response time, which is at a gaming passable 5ms, but with the refresh rate: 30Hz.

That means that the highest frames per second is 30, which is fine if you're playing the latest Need for Speed console port, but awful for anything else.

Which leaves us looking to the more expensive models to get our 4K fix. Dell has it's own similar offering, the UP3214Q, a 31.5" 4k display, but it's over $3.5k and has a naff response time of 8ms.
It seems like no one is going 4k on the cheap for some time.

[Cheers PCgamer]

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