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For decades the go-to job search guide was Richard N. Bolles' What Color is Your Parachute. Every job seeker and recent college grad had a copy. It's packed full of information on networking, discovering what you're good at, what you love to do and how to find your dream job. First published in 1970 and updated annually since 1975, Bolles' book was often the only job search reference guide necessary.

Then, the internet happened.

While Parachute is still the definitive (and best-selling) guide to job hunting and career change, they haven't taken full advantage of technology and jumped headlong into digital leadership on the job search front. Yes, you can buy the 2014 edition digitally and there is an iPad app for the What Color is Your Parachute? Job-Hunters Workbook, but there is a lot of fresh competition.

This digital void has allowed countless sites, apps and career experts to jump into the job search advice arena. There is so much great stuff available out there. Rather than providing a comprehensive guide, let's focus on the daily and weekly newsletters doling out strategy and tactics on the career front.

Here are six of my favorites:

daily muse logo
Daily Muse
You can't beat this daily newsletter from The Muse for smart news-you-can-use. Company profiles, career advice, job search tips and more in pithy, bite-sized chunks. Plus, they have a good job board as well as a growing site loaded with smart advice and great tools.

Killer Feature – The Muse offers Muse University, 7-day classes delivered straight to your inbox. Each day features a quick lesson and assignment. These are smart, fun and FREE. I've taken the Networking, Management and Work Life Hacks classes and highly recommend them.
brazen careerist logo
Brazen Careerist
This is a bold newsletter that dares you to push harder and reach higher in your career. Life hacks, personal branding, job opportunities and opinionated career advice are just a few of the topics they cover with a gutsy style.

Killer Feature – Virtual Networking and Online Career Fairs. Imagine talking to a dozen or more recruiters in an hour from the comfort of your own home. I attended a Brazen Online Career event and met virtually with several recruiters from top companies that led to real life connections and follow-up conversations.
fast company logo
Fast Company
With six daily newsletters, Fast Company doesn't deal directly with job search, but they focus on career and personal development every single day. Leadership, creativity, self-improvement, expert advice and book excerpts are just a few of the topics covered.

Killer Feature – Fast Company Leadership Daily is packed with intelligent advice on that can supercharge your current job performance or make you better prepared for your dream job.

Careerealism logo
The folks at Careerealism want to be your career wingman with "daily career tips, cutting-edge tools & expert advice." This is one of the biggest (and best) newsletters out there.

Killer Feature – Everything. This is a deep site with tools and resources for every job seeker.

Cynopsis logo
For the cable and broadcast set, Cynopsis is a daily must-read with a daily job board. Plus, they've got specialized editions for what's happening in Digital, Kids and Sports. Don't let the decidedly lo-fi design fool you, Cynopsis is informative and comprehensive.

Killer Feature – Classified Advantage is a weekly Cynopsis email with career advice and excellent mid and senior level broadcast, cable and agency job listings.
mashable logo
Jobs and career are only a piece of what Mashable does. The daily newsletter is your front page to the internet. They cover everything you need to know about what's happening in entertainment, social media and online. If it's viral, they probably know before you do. However, before you ask what this has to do with job search, they do excellent pieces on career advice and how to get hired.

Killer Feature – Mashable's Job Board is loaded with marketing, digital and social jobs.

These are just a few of the many great resources out there. What are you waiting for? Make sure to sign up for a few newsletters. Remember, you can always unsubscribe. Please list some of YOUR favorites in comments.

And if you don't already have What Color is Your Parachute? it might no longer be the only guide to job search, but it is well worth the investment as a critical tool in your job search strategy.

You can also search for digital, marketing and social media jobs at AOL Jobs.
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