The Pokemon Franchise Deserves A New Formula

The Pokemon franchise is arguably one of the most popular and profitable video game franchises ever created. The original handheld games have spawned a variety of sequels and spinoff games that span across various Nintendo systems. Pokemon is a series that not only has a cute charm that draws you in from the many monsters that populate it's universe, but also some very addictive and appealing characteristics that keeps us all wanting to catch them all again and again.

This is definitely the case with almost every single handheld version of a Pokemon that has been made, whether a cannon game or not. Yet outside of side stories and cliché spinoff titles, Nintendo's home consoles have never really got a true to roots Pokemon title, one that focuses and enhances some of the better aspects of what made the franchise so popular to begin with.

Traditional Pokemon RPG Formula

The first and most important aspect of making a true Pokemon experience on home consoles is by avoiding any liberties other console Pokemon games have done in the past and get back to basics. The original Pokemon games had a lot of elements of traditional JRPGs that were popular at the time, and still have a level of popularity even today. Being able to freely explore and backtrack through a world and discover all of its parts and secrets, having many different regions with different themes or personalities to explore, interacting with all sorts of interesting and dynamic characters.

All of this and more are what helped make some of the most beloved RPGs of all time, as well as what helped make Pokemon grow to gigantic heights in terms of popularity. This has yet to fully be realized because of the stances Nintendo and designers from GAMEFREAK have taken in the past regarding what kind of experience Pokemon has to offer, stating that the game itself is meant to always be taken with you, hence why it was always more suited on a portable platform. And since home consoles can't be as portable as handhelds, most of the Pokemon titles on those platforms have been limited to off-shoots and non-cannon type of games...

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