5 Real-Life Attractions Seen in 'August: Osage County'

AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY  2013 Weinstein Company film with from l: Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor, Meryl Streep
August: Osage County, starring Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts -- both nominated for Oscars today for their roles in the film -- has had fans searching MapQuest for movie-related destinations. While Kansas and Missouri have Osage Counties, the movie was shot almost entirely on location in Osage County, Oklahoma, in the northeast part of the Sooner State. Here's a roundup of five real-life spots from the film.

1. Osage Nation Museum

In one scene, Violet Weston (Roberts) schools Barbara Weston (Streep) about the political correctness of the term "Indian" versus "Native American." Osage County is home to the Osage Nation, one of 34 Native American tribes in Oklahoma. Start your Osage County tour at the Osage Nation Museum in Pawhuska, the oldest tribal museum in the United States. The tribe once lived and hunted throughout Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Today, fewer than 15,000 Osage remain around the world.

2. Boulanger House

A star of August: Osage County, right up there with Roberts and Streep, is the house where the movie was shot. It's called the Boulanger House, built in 1918. It's one of those wonderful made-to-order homes from the Sears, Roebuck catalogue that were very popular at the time. The movie crew re-arranged some 100-year-old oak trees around the property and freshened up the dining room where many scenes were shot.

3. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Several scenes were shot at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, the largest area of protected tallgrass prairie in the world. Here, buffalo roam, cattle graze and life moves at a pace determined by the buzz of grasshoppers in August. If you recognize some of those buffalo or hay bales, that's because the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve was also a shooting location for To the Wonder starring Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams.

4. Osage Hills State Park

In August: Osage County, Uncle Charlie (Chris Cooper) goes fishing at a beautiful lake that today's visitors can enjoy at Osage Hills State Park near Bartlesville. It's called Lookout Lake and it's renowned by local fisherman for its feisty bass, crappie, walleye and perch. Rent a boat or a cabin and enjoy the beauty of Osage County along the many hiking trails and paths around the lake. Here's a Hollywood tidbit –- Cooper was born and raised just a few hours north of Osage County in Kansas City.

5. Sally's Café

The little community of Pawhuska, which means "white hair" in the Osage language, also starred in the movie. A couple of scenes showcase Sally's Café, but all of the commotion meant nothing to 96-year-old Sally Carroll who owns the restaurant. She's there six days a week and is famous for her homemade coconut and chocolate cream pies.
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