Pregnant Auto Show Model Sign of The Times

Pregnant Model Wows Crowd At Detroit Auto Show
Pregnant Model Wows Crowd At Detroit Auto Show

Auto show models have evolved from being just pretty faces standing next to the car to intensively trained experts able to answer questions on all aspects of the vehicles.

Product specialist Jennifer Parmenter, a model who was six-and-one-half months pregnant, was staffing the recent auto show in Detroit and some of the people were more interested in her baby on board than they were in the cars on display.

The model's employer drew accolades for his progressive view of presenting cars. Yet since automakers now want their models to be approachable and relatable, a pregnant model would make sense if you want to attract young families.

People may think models are still bimbos who stand next to cars, but they are very well versed in technology. Some even learn how to handle the vehicles on a racecourse.

Parmenter was showing off the Smart cars and her size showed other women how the small car would accommodate a real-sized body. (She had a stool close by in case she needed to sit down.)

"These cars are smaller than any of the others here, and they have real-sized women working, not stick people. I love it," said Yvonne Logan, who was attending the auto show and spoke to Local 4 news, as reported by ClickOnDetroit.