Official's Girlfriend Defends Him on Facebook, Then Kills The Account

<b class="credit">WCHS-TV</b>

Finding a CEO and company president who are in trouble over what their company did is nothing unusual. Seeing the CEO dressed down by a reporter who makes him stay to answer tough questions about a chemical spill is rarer. And now the saga of West Virginians unable to use water poisoned by a chemical leak took an even odder term.

After CEO Gary Southern, who has faced harsh criticism over the chemical spill and his company's actions and responses to the chemical spill that left 300,000 without safe water, was grilled on air, Kathy Stover-Kennedy, girlfriend of Freedom Industries president Dennis Farrell, came out on Facebook to stand by her man, according to the Charleston Gazette. And yet that Facebook page was no longer available when AOL Jobs tried to verify the information.