Ski Safari: Adventure Time Cheats And Tips

Fans of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time series will definitely want to check out the themed edition of the mobile classic Ski Safari, but what if you're new to the game? We've put together some hints and tips that should help you stay one step ahead of the avalanche.

Be very careful when you take flight. You'll only be able to fly through the air for a very limited amount of time. When the timer's close to running out, make sure you have plenty of forward momentum - if you're heading straight up, chances are the avalanche will catch up to you when you finally land.

While you should definitely jump over any rocks that are blocking the path up ahead, make sure you run right through any Adventure Time friends you come across. Touching them will cause you to gather them up or ride them, providing you with all kinds of useful boosts.

It's OK to bust through chalets in Ski Safari, and in fact, you'll even get a speed boost for doing so. Ride right through them to get a nice boost of speed that will keep you one step ahead of the ever-approaching avalanche.

Choose your moments to make a backflip very carefully, as if you don't allow yourself enough traveling time, you'll end up landing on your head! We like to wait for very long steep drops before committing to a full backflip. Chances are you'll be given enough space to complete a total rotation.
If you do find yourself coming a cropper at any point during gameplay, make sure you tap the screen as fast as possible to get your character upright and moving again. You must stay ahead of the avalanche, and every extra second counts if you're after a new high score.

Try to avoid running over the green blobs found in certain parts of the terrain. If you can land on this stuff from a decent height, you'll be given a second big bounce when you land - this can be really useful for making it through a tricky patch without taking a single knock.

The trick to maintaining a steady speed in Ski Safari Adventure Time is to make sure that as many of your landings as possible are angled flat against the earth. The longer you can maintain these clean landings, the higher your maximum speed will become - just make sure you don't take any tumbles, as you'll switch down a gear for each one.

If you want to earn more coins in the game, try to complete as many of the mini-missions you're given as possible. You can track your progress of these by using the pause button in the top right-hand corner of the screen, or by tapping the Missions icon on the main menu.

Don't forget to check in at the upgrade store from time to time, as you can spend some of your hard-earned coins on upgrading the various characters in the game. Sometimes the best way to make more coins in Ski Safari is to spend more coins.

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