The Official Rambo Game Looks Horrible

While you might think an Expendables II video game at this point would be looking too far into the past, you're likely to be even more bemused at why Teyon is making a Rambo game. It's going to encompass the first three movies, taking you on an on-rails experience through familiar environments and gun fights as you mow down everything in-front of you.

And truth be told, the latest trailer from the game does faithfully stick to a lot of the scenarios you saw in the movies, even if it does ratchet up the violence for the earlier levels. Bear in mind, Rambo only killed one guy in the entire first movie and even that was debatable.

The trailer also looks better graphically than the past few, though it's still not great. The models could still have come out of something that's from the early 2000s and the fact that the whole thing is on rails makes you wonder why it's being made at all, since there's already an arcade rails shooter that could have been ported over.

John Rambo's face looks very little like Stallone and even though his hair was big in the movies, I'm not sure what they've done to it here.

But don't worry guys, wait until the end and look at what you get for pre-ordering, a limited edition bobble head action figure. Because we're back in the 90s now apparently. Or the 80s, when these movies were more relevant.

Rambo: The Video Game is set for release sometime this year on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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