RoboCop Cheats And Tips

Although it's not nearly as in-depth an experience as it could've been, Glu Games' mobile game adaptation of RoboCop isn't half bad at all, especially if you're in the mood for a visceral arcade-style shooter with plenty of upgrades to work towards.
Here are some tips that'll help get you started in the game.

How do the firing mechanics work in RoboCop?

It's simple. The left virtual stick aims where you want your shots to - then you can just tap the fire button on the right to shoot your weapon. You have plenty of ammunition to play with, but you'll want to keep a close eye on the red circle in the center. Once this fills up, your weapon will overheat, and you'll be left without firepower for a few seconds.

How do I change cover points in RoboCop?

Look for arrows on the far left and right-hand sides of the screen. If you see an arrow, you can tap on it to move to a different cover point. This is especially useful if you need to avoid a more devastating attack from an enemy, such as a sniper shot or a missile. Otherwise, you'll take damage.

How do I use the scanning ability in RoboCop?

Once it's ready - it'll light up in red once it is - you can utilize this to get a good look around the environment. This will show you what objects can be destroyed with your gun, as well as where your enemies are located in the current part of the stage. The scan ability can show you a weak point on a boss too, such as the turret of the ED-209, or the sniper rifle in the hands of a boss enemy. Use it when you really need it, and the weak point will stay lit up even after you're finished scanning.

How do I utilize drones in RoboCop?

Once in every stage, you'll be able to call upon secondary drones that will come swooping in and shoot at various enemies on the screen for a few seconds. You'll want to use them sparingly though, as they need to recharge after each use. Try to save them for when the opposition is too much to overcome, or when you're facing off against a larger enemy in the game, like the ED-209.

How do I unlock new weapons in RoboCop?

When you first start out, you'll have a powerful SMG, which can pack enough of a punch in itself. However, by visiting the Weapons tab in the main menu, you'll also be able to unlock shotguns, railguns, plasma guns and mini-guns, each with their own effective type of firepower. You can also power up these weapons with better firing efficiency, accuracy, and damage, as well as cut down their overheat time. It's best to stick to the SMGs first as you rake in cash with each mission completed, then upgrade when you get the chance. If you're impatient, you can always buy them with real cash.

How do I unlock new suit upgrades in RoboCop?

In the main menu you'll see an option to upgrade your suit, right underneath your current weapons. Here you can make a number of improvements to your soldier, including additional health power-ups (which you can use over the course of your mission if you're running low), better aiming capability through focus, and more.

In addition, as you gain more experience points over each mission, you can unlock new health upgrades, making RoboCop even stronger than ever - which is useful with the tougher enemies later on in the game.

How does the currency system work in RoboCop?

With each mission RoboCop accepts, he takes a little bit of energy off of a charge meter that appears at the top of the screen. You can wait about half an hour to an hour for this to refill, or put down a few gold pieces to recharge completely.

The currency system in RoboCop consists of gold bars and cash, which you earn over the course of each mission. Both can be used when it comes to unlocking weapon and suit upgrades, but if you want to get everything right away, you can buy more gold with real money.

Special weapon sales are also available, which are highlighted on the main menu, although they can still be a bit pricey. Whether you spend real money or not is entirely up to you - there are plenty of increasingly tricky missions to build up cash with, and eventually get what you need to take on the big boys.

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