Catering Charity Teaches At-Risk Youth Valuable Job Skills

Jane Teeling/New York Times
Most well paying jobs require a candidate to have a specialized skill set, or at least a broad range of complementary skills. This can be a barrier to the needy that don't have access to a good education, leaving them with few job options that pay enough to support a family.

Next Generation Caterers tries to tackle this problem by preparing low-income young people in the Bronx for careers in gastronomy with a paid internship, according to The New York Times. The interns at the program learn to cook, cut, bake and serve under the guidance of Catering Manager LuAnne Blaauboer.

Recently, the Neediest Cases Fund paid the fees for the program's interns to take the New York State food preparation exam, which all three passed. "When you have that certification, it basically says, 'Hey, I know every single thing about food,'" said Lester Amaya, 20. "There's a high possibility you can get a high-paying job at a good restaurant."

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