Sony To Offer A $15 A Month Subscription For All Its MMOS

If you thought the days of the subscription MMO were dead, think again, as Sony is looking to continue offering a subscription option for its games, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of paying a monthly fee to access one game, Sony Entertainment Online is looking to offer a $15 a month subscription for access to all of its MMOs.

While a company offering all of their catalogue for a flat rate monthly fee is a first for the scene, Sony has offered several games for a single payment each month for a while as part of its All Access Deal, but that has always had a limited number of games and a $20 a month price tag.

"[This is] a benefit most companies simply can't offer because they don't have our portfolio of games," said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment, in a Reddit thread discussing changes to Planetside 2. However towards the end he began discussing the new All Access deal that will provide access to a lot of current, as well as upcoming games.

He name dropped Everquest Next and Everquest Next Landmark as two titles that would become part of the bundle subscription system.

Medley also alluded to some upcoming entertainment products that could be part of the subscription scheme, but would be applicable to PS2 owners most of all. He did call them games, but the way he said it was suspect.

What do you guys think of this deal? Would you be more willing to pay $15 a month if it gave you access to 10+ games instead of just one? Also, what do you think the mystery PS2 project is?

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