No More Bosses For Zappos (A Cautionary Tale)

Tony Hsieh
Nan Paimero/FlickrZappos founder Tony Hsieh

How would you feel about collecting your paycheck from a company that got rid of job titles, stopped having bosses – and instead created lots of small work circles in which everyone simply carried out his or her duties the way they ought to be done? Does that sound like paradise? Or is it a disaster waiting to happen?

We'll find out the answer pretty soon. Zappos, the online shoe retailer known for its high-touch customer service, has decided to go the no-boss route. As Quartz journalist Aimee Groth recently reported, Zappos founder Tony Hsieh is getting rid of the company's traditional hierarchy in favor of this egalitarian new approach, known as a "holacracy." (Details about the term's meaning and origins are here.)