What's Going On With the Mr. Freeze DLC in Batman: Arkham Origins?

So, Batman fans: what's up with the Mr. Freeze DLC in Batman: Arkham Origins? A few days ago, Warner Bros. updated the game's Facebook page with a teaser announcing a new DLC. It's clearly about Mr. Freeze, but details regarding gameplay, story, and length are still up in the air.

Hopefully it'll be a little more classic than Arnold Schwarzenegger's depiction in 1997's infamousBatman and Robin - but on the other hand, a campy Mr. Freeze could be super chill (sorry). Anyway, here's a clip of IGN's resident DC comic nerds speculating about the details of the DLC. Check it out and let us know in the comments what you think (or hope) it will entail:

Batman: Arkham Origins: What Is the Mr. Freeze DLC About?

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