New Year, New Job: A Detailed Plan to Succeed

New Year, New Job? Some Tips For The Transition

The New Year is here and for some people that means taking a fresh stab at an ongoing job search.

Whether you're unemployed or ready for a career change, you need a strategy to take on the year. Not everyone will take a year to find a job, but if you end up in this situation at least you'll have a blueprint to keep you on track. Michael Erwin from Careerbuilder has a guide that breaks up the next 12 months into bite-size quarters for a more manageable hunt, which he shared with WGN in the video above.

January – March: Get Organized
This is the time to plan out your budget for new clothes, a resume-writing service or whatever else you need to advance your search. Narrow down your needs and shop around before you make any big purchases.

April – June: Full Steam Ahead
Focus your efforts on applying, following up, making new connections and getting interviews.

July – September: Review What's Working and What Isn't
Hiring slows down mid-year, making this a good time to step back and review your approach. Reanalyze your resume or think about how you answer interview questions – do you need to make some adjustments?

October – December: Take Advantage of the Season
The end of the year is the best time to put yourself out there and network because January is when most companies start hiring, says Erwin. Schmooze at holiday parties, consider taking on some seasonal gigs and don't forget to send thank-you cards to people who have helped you over the past twelve months.

Watch the video above for more on this job-hunting strategy.
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