This Artist Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Video Game

For his marriage proposal, 3D artist Robert Fink created a whole videogame.

"I couldn't allow myself to just do a normal proposal, it had to be special," he explained. "Something we would remember forever to remind us where we started. Simple times playing games together growing up and learning that games can convey all sorts of emotion, I wanted her to see all the spikes I would jump over for her."

The Flash game, Knight Man: A Quest for Love is playable here.

Fink worked secretly on the game along with two of his buddies for five months, during which he told his girlfriend that he had to work overtime to finish a new game at SuperGenius studio where he works. After finishing the game, Fink asked his love to playtest the game at his workplace. When she finished the game and said the magic word "yes" to the marriage proposal at the end of the game, family members and friends rushed in to congratulate the couple.

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