New Deep Down Trailer Impresses, Remains Vague

Deep Down was one of the first games that was ever demod on the PS4 and it's remained a great looking title despite the console's release and over six months of trailers and screenshots. Now a new one has been debuted and it still looks great, even though it doesn't tell us much.

Watch the video below.

In this one we get a look at some of the other creatures you'll fight in the game, as well as options for armour and weapons you can equip yourself with. However, most of it is in the same underground temple environment we've seen before, so hopefully a finished game will feature more than just that one location.

The creatures do at least look a little more varied than the multitude of dragons and dinosaurs you find populating Monster Hunter titles.

Previously we've seen footage of multiplayer battles against a giant fire breathing dragon, with time freezing possibilities and then some strange cuts back to a near-future, like some mash up between Dark Souls and Assassin's Creed.

What do you guys think of Deep Down? It's certainly a visually stunning game, but are you excited for another arena monster slaying title?

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