7 Places to Detox in the New Year

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Now that you've gotten all the gluttonous end-of-year endeavors out of your system, it's time to kick of 2014 with a fresh start. It's time to detox. Be it from food, social media or work, we could all use a break, a chance to take a deep breath and refresh. These seven spots are sure to pull you away from everyday life and leave you feeling fresh and new.1. Digital Detox Retreat, California

Check your cellphones and tablets at the door, the Digital Detox Retreat is all about disconnecting. In other words: vacation like vacation used to be. The multiday retreats involve eating organic food, practicing yoga, being creative and getting outdoors. You know, all those things that you know you are supposed to do a lot of and yet, end up sitting in front of the computer instead. Its upcoming retreat in January is being held at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

2. Farm of Life, Costa Rica

Well, really, anywhere in Costa Rica can be detox friendly; you'll wake up practically already in a yoga pose. But at the Farm of Life you'll find a haven of good living. With retreats from energizing ones to ones focused on raw food, there's plenty to learn and lots of checking out of everyday life to be done.

3. Napa Valley, California

With the amount of vineyards on hand, Napa isn't your place for a food and drink detox. But it is the perfect place to take some time to contemplate the good things in life. There's the LEED Platinum certified hotel and spa Bardanesso, where practically everything is organic and there's even a Bike the Day Away package. Also, check out the baths at Roman Springs in Calistoga.

4. Harem Escape, Morocco

Ladies, it's time for a trip in 2014, and why not to the all-female getaway Harem in Marrakech? On 24 acres of of private property, this place is for women who rarely have time for themselves. So check in and check out.

5. Inkaterra, Peru

If a mountainous landscape is part of your 2014 plan, then the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel is for you. The founders are committed to the region's biodiversity. As such, the property is carbon neutral, the water conservation program is verified by the Rainforest Alliance and there's plenty of organic food on hand. A detox in the Peruvian Amazon: there are worse places you could be.

6. Naturopathica Healn Arts Center and Spa, New York

For the urbanite that needs a daylong detox, there's Naturopathica Healing Arts Center and Spa in East Hampton. Highlights include bamboo flooring, reclaimed wood furniture and an apothecary bar with 50 essential oils that are specially blended depending on your therapeutic needs.

7. Yoga in the Himalayas

You've been wanting to get back into yoga, and what better way than on the other side of the world, far from your everyday reality? Intensive yoga training with Swami Prakash at the Himalayan Yoga Retreat will leave you completely renewed -- and ready for an epic Himalayan trek. If you want something a bit more upscale, there's the Ananda Spa, complete with a stress-management package.
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