10 Most Popular Jobs Stories of 2013

Vanishing jobs and dangerous jobs, photos showing the inside scene, minimum wage workers and restaurant receipts galore were topics drawing the most attention in 2013.

11 Jobs from 1850 That Are Becoming Extinct

The Industrial Revolution has all but eliminated once stable, middle-class jobs that were commonplace for your great-grandparents living in rural farmlands.
Patrik Budenz

Meet the Photographer Who Spent Four Years in a Forensic Morgue

German photographer Patrik Budenz spent four years documenting workers at the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences in Berlin. Tasteful photos. Not for the squeamish.

McDonald's Pushing Employees To Be Cheerier

It's hard to be cheery when you're earning minimum wage, but McDonald's held a webcast with franchise owners to encourage better service.

Space Coast FL

Burger King Worker Fired For Sign Saying, 'Now Hiring Must Be Mexican'

A disgruntled worker posted such a sign at a Washington Burger King. He was fired.

St. Louis Sports Bar Gives Man Receipt Criticizing His Child

If you work in a restaurant and want to make fun of a customer, do not do it on a receipt, which you then give to the customer

Pastor Refuses to Pay Tip – And Receipt Goes Viral

"I Give God 10%," he wrote. "Why do you get 18"

Red Lobster Sign and Logo
J. Stephen Conn/Flickr

Black Waitress Says She Got Racist Receipt Instead of Tip

An 18-year-old waitress at a Red Lobster in Tennessee uploaded a bill with a racist message she says was delivered instead of a tip.


Woman Coach Dismissed for Photo of Breast Grab But Fiancee Stays

The coach who posted a photo of her fiancé grabbing her covered breast in a vacation moment was fired, but he was not.


Fast Food Worker to McDonald's CEO: I Can't Feed My Kids

A single mom of two stood up at a public forum and challenged McDonald's CEO Jeff Stratton to give her a raise.

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The 15 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

You might be surprised to learn what the most dangerous job in America actually is.
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