Minecraft Creator Unaware of Plans for Wii U Version

Despite rumors, there doesn't appear to be any current plans for a Wii U version of Minecraft -- at least, not any that the game's creator, Markus "Notch" Persson, is aware of.

Speaking out on Twitter, Notch said, "I am not aware of any plans to release a Wii U version of Minecraft."

Hear that? That's the sound of Nintendo fans' hearts breaking everywhere. Minecraft originally started as a PC-exclusive, before jumping to Xbox 360 and most recently PlayStation 3. Mojang and console port developer 4J Studios has plans to bring the game to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Vita as well. So why no Wii U version?

According to Notch, Mojang is just too busy. "I agree a Wii U version would make sense, [by the way]. The only reason for no current plans is we've got too much work already, he explained, while adding, "I <3 Nintendo."

On the bright side, he used the word "current." Who knows, maybe in a year or two Wii U could get Minecraft.
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