Lara Croft: Reflections Card Game Coming In 2014

Square Enix hasn't slowed down on the mobile front when it comes to the Tomb Raider franchise, as the publisher recently released the original Lara Croft adventure for iPhone and iPad last week. Now it has a whole new adventure planned for the heroine.

Lara Croft: Reflections has been announced, although it's not your typical Lara Croft adventure. Rather than running around and shooting pistols, you'll actually play in a card battle game, finding valuable artifacts and taking on enemies. Along the way, you'll acquire new treasure, as well as upgrades that will provide Lara with new powers.

The game will also come with multiplayer options, including the ability to take on other players in PvP and co-op boss battles. Doing so will unlock a few bonus rewards.

Prepare to deal plenty of damage when Lara Croft: Reflections releases early next year for iOS.

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