Possible GTA 5 for PS4 Announcement This January

GTA V is one of the fastest selling titles in the history of videogames. It made $800 million worldwide in day one and surpassed $1 Billion in first three days of its released, becoming the fastest selling title this year.

With the game setting such a record, we all wondered what happen next? Will we ever see GTA V on next-gen consoles? Well, sort of, but don't get your hopes too high yet.

According to a representative, we'll have to wait till the first week of January to know if the game might be making its way into next-gen consoles.

"I am sorry but for PS4 and Xbox One there is no update yet, please check back by first week of January. We might have the update by then please." he confirmed.

Will you play GTA V if it were to release on the PS4? Let us know below.

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