9 Holiday Cocktails from Around the United States

Santa Claus lying on a chair and drinking orange cocktail, enjoying on a sunny day, on a beach
So, it's officially drinking season. Well, holiday drinking season that is. In need of a festive drink? These eight cocktails from around the United States should get you in the mood (if you're not there already), and at the very least, inspire you to brew up a hot toddy at home.

1. Angry Claus
David Burke Townhouse, New York City
Godiva liqueur paired with Swiss Miss, brandy and cayenne pepper. That combination might make for an Angry Claus, but it also makes for a Happy You.

2. Horchata Rum Punch
Cocktail Bar at Windsor Court, New Orleans
This is not your 1950s holiday party punch. Made with local popcorn rice horchata, cinnamon and El Dorado 5 Year Rum, this holiday drink has an exotic spin.

3. Holidays on Ice
Honki & the Bird, Los Angeles
While there might not be much ice on the streets of Los Angeles, at least you can get it in your glass. This drink is a combination of Buffalo Trace bourbon and the same distillery's Eagle Rare, topped off with lemon, curacao and, wait for it...cinnamon-sugared butternut squash juice.

4. Robb's Hot Buttered Rum
The Augustus, Seattle
The Augustus puts together an entire list of winter cocktails including its housemade buttered rum. Considering you're in gray and rainy Seattle, you're probably going to need two.

5. Odin's Spice Rack
Jasper's Corner Tap, San Francisco
For this drink, we have to go to Scandinavia, thanks to the use of Krogstad Gamle Aquavit. Mixing the caraway forward spirit with a little gin, dry vermouth and Swedish Punsch, it's a wintry drink with plenty of spice to provide for a cold weather pick-me-up. Or at least get you out of your fog-induced San Francisco haze.

6. The Flip Royal
The Hawthorne, Boston
So you want spiked eggnog? You've come to the right place. But this drink is no regular spiked egg nog. You've got egg, salted rooibos syrup, King's Ginger liqueur and angostura bitters. Topped off with shaved cinnamon and nutmeg, of course.

7. Thai Peanut Brittle Cocktail
Meat Market, Miami
Leave it to Florida to turn peanut brittle into a cocktail. Well ok, so it's peanut brittle deconstructed, made from Stoli vanilla vodka, Domaine de Canton, Castries Peanut Rum Creme and simple syrup. So where does the Thai part come from? A garnish of basil leaf and jalapeno.

8. Bess Toddy
Bess Bistro, Austin
Hot toddies are a much loved winter drink, maybe just because it's an excuse to drink whiskey when you're feeling under the weather, but the this one is certainly a step up. Made with Knob Creek whiskey, local honey, fresh lemon, orange peels and a cinnamon stick, you can be sure to warm up Texas style.

9. The Spruce Moose
Blackbird, Chicago
This beverage deserves a drink simply for the name. Made with tequila, yellow chartreuse, campari and Haus Zirbenz Pine, it's practically like drinking a Christmas tree. Except that it's delicious.
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