5 Characters That Deserve a Spot in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

Among Nintendo's ever-growing archive of rehashed series, their mash-up brawler tops the list of "never getting old." Since its Nintendo 64 debut, the Super Smash Brothers franchise has undergone countless combat tweaks and roster updates, each iteration improving on an already superb formula. However, the Wii U/3DS SSBinstallment has greater room for expansion than any before it thanks to the wealth of characters that have sprung up in recent years. Looking at what we know of the roster thus far, we'll be seeing our typical Nintendo horde (Mario, Luigi, Bowser, you know the drill), as well as a few wild cards like the Wii Fitness Trainer pair and Rosalina and Luma from Super Mario Galaxy. Here are a few more combatants that could easily fill a spot in SSB Wii U.

Amaterasu - Okami

While it's not known for its release on Nintendo platforms, the original Okami did eventually see an HD release on Wii, in addition to the semi-sequel Okamiden for DS. As such, everyone's favorite sun god is more than qualified to smash face in SSB. With a variety of ink-based attacks lifted straight from the games unique combat system and a wolf form that puts The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to shame, Amaterasu could contribute some much needed flare to the aging franchise. Besides, with Wolf currently MIA, Fox could get lonely being the only canine.

Klonoa - Klonoa

Speaking of HD rereleases for the Wii!

Nintendo gave the 2.5D platforming splendor that is Klonoa the return it deserved in 2009, and it's about time the name cropped up again. Although he may not look like much of a fighter, Klonoa's trademark ring could fuel plenty of grabs and throws, and he's picked up plenty of gadgets in his adventures to provide attacks varied enough to put him into Ness territory in terms of unpredictability. But no matter how he's designed, Klonoa is likely to win out as most adorable fighter...

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