The Worst Games of 2013

Our friends at US Gamer know gaming better than just about anyone around. Luckily for us, they've used that knowledge to compile a list of the absolute worst, most unplayable games of 2013 - from franchise disappointments, to mundane plots, to games chock-full of dreaded micro transactions. Check out a preview of their list below:

Jaz Rignall: Forza 5

In an experience akin to eating a delicious meal while a hobo takes a huge dump on the table next to you, my worst of 2013 was also one of my favorites. I'm talking about the Jeckle and Hyde Forza 5, a stunning-looking, fantastic-playing next generation racing game that's simultaneously the ultimate showcase for the power of Xbox One, and definitive case study in how microtransactions can totally stink a game out...

Jeremy Parish: Knack

I went into Knack expecting a totally mundane, unremarkable game. I'd demoed it at E3 and figured I had a pretty good sense of what it was about. What that 15-minute session couldn't prepare me for, though, was just how much mundane, unremarkable content a single game could contain. As a four-hour experience, Knack might have been borderline-tolerable. Stretched to more than three times that length, however, it became utterly unbearable...

Mike Williams: Killer is Dead

As I've said in other articles, I just started reviewing games this year. I've been lucky to be able to avoid games I wouldn't enjoy since I wasn't always a day one buyer. But this year I had to review Killer is Dead, a game I would've definitely avoided if given the option. Killer is Dead has been forged of children's tears and hardened by the despair of average salaryman. It has been sent our world like the Lament Configuration, to torture and enslave me.

To read the rest of the list, head over to US Gamer.

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