6 Warm Drinks for Cold Weather, from Around the World

Hot Mulled Cider
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Best pick me up for a cold winter day? A warm drink. Whether it's on a snowy afternoon or a rainy evening, a warm drink is filling and cozy, which makes them particularly pleasant this time of year.

But there's plenty of reasons to get more creative than mug of tea. Here is a selection of warm drinks from around the world. And their real beauty? If you can't travel to the places to drink them in person, you can go for the second best option: making them at home.

1. Glühwein -- Germany
The fuel of the traditional Christmas markets, glühwein –- roughly translated: glow wine -– is a mulled wine, made from red wine and a selection of spices. There can be different versions, an apfelglühwein for example, made of hot cider spiked with apple brandy. The point is that it's a spicy, boozy warm drink, perfect for holiday evenings. A few cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks and you can have your own brewing at home, although German Christmas market not included.

2. Anijsmelk –- The Netherlands
A perfect cold weather nightcap, Anijsmelk is warm milk infused with anise seeds and sweetened with sugar or honey. In fact, in the Netherlands, you can find anjsblokjes, literally, anise blocks. In other words, anise sugar cubes. But with a little anise seed and sugar you can make your own version.

3. Kúmenkaffi –- Iceland
Just like other Scandinavian countries, Iceland loves its coffee, and one of the local specialties is Kúmenkaffi, or caraway coffee. Dark, strong coffee infused with caraway seeds makes for a spicy, intense drink, which sometimes gets a dash of alcohol added to it.

4. Hot Toddy –- Scotland
In a country that's synonymous with blustery weather and a tradition of whiskey, of course there would be a drink that brought the two together. The classic warm drink of whiskey, honey and lemon juice has made its way into bars around the world, with many variations. But the classic is still made with a good Scotch whiskey and is sometimes even recommended to kick a cold.

5. Api de Quinoa -– Bolivia
In the heart of Bolivia's quinoa country, the grain gets used for more than a side dish. One popular use is as a warm breakfast drink, slightly sweetened and with a dash of cinnamon. Because if you're ending your day with a warm drink, you should probably start it with one as well.

6. Chocolat Chaud –- France
Served in large bowls instead of mugs, drinking hot chocolate in France is an experience in and unto itself. The trick is to order a chocolate chaud à l'ancienne, which ensures that you get a hot chocolate done in the traditional way. In other words: melted chocolate, none of that powdered stuff. The result is creamy, chocolatey and an immediate winter pick me up. Make it at home with this recipe.
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