The Uncharted Series Needs to Change on PS4

Uncharted needs to change. And I sincerely hope Naughty Dog knows this. Considering the reception towards Uncharted 3and the strides they made withThe Last of Us, I am hopeful that they know exactly what they're doing with a fourth, next-gen Uncharted. But just in case, I'd like to delve into the reasons I think the series needs some big changes going forward.

Let's be clear that this isn't a plea for Naughty Dog to take what they did with The Last of Us and turn Uncharted into a brutal survival horror tale. What they should do is apply the lessons they learned there and still make something decidedly Uncharted. But how?

By Uncharted 3 the combat in this series was absurd. In what universe does an Indiana Jones-inspired, Lara Croft-wannabe gun down heavily armored shotgun brutes by the dozen? In what universe is that an early-game enemy, replaced later on with snipers and super fire soldiers? It doesn't help that the mobs of enemies thrown your way become highly irritating about halfway through the game. It only gets more crazy from there. Combat is a stressful chore, and while The Last of Us certainly had stress, it certainly wasn't a chore.

The Last of Us makes combat a highlight of the gameplay without throwing eight million enemies your way. It makes each bullet fired feel important, and when you do get shot, it's a bit more intense than a little bit of red in the corner of the screen and an, "Ouch!" The amount of enemies, rampant killing, and automatic weapon fire in Uncharted seems to surpass some Halo games at times, and it's about time we see some change...

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