Research Firm: More People Asking for Xbox 1 for Christmas

When it comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the systems themselves are quite similar than their respective fans would admit. Those fans, however, differ greatly. Social media research firm Fizziology has been tracking what consumers are saying about each console and their findings reveal some pretty interesting data.

The most surprising finding is that Xbox One "slightly edge" out PS4 in terms of "people asking for the console as a Christmas gift." Pretty surprising given the early sales of each console. Latest reports reveal the Xbox One sold over 2 million units, while the PS4 has sold over 2.1 million. Granted, there were plenty of variables in those sales numbers, but it at least appeared as though the PS4 was the more desired console.

Taking things a bit further, Fizziology found that people who wanted an Xbox One were a "much younger, mainstream audience."

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