Minecraft Tips for PS3 Players

With the recent release of Minecraft on PlayStation 3, Mojang gained presumably a whole new following of gamers. Already out on PC, Xbox 360, and mobile devices, there's not much else Mojang's hit sandbox adventure game can invade. Wait, it's still coming to PS Vita, Xbox One, and PS4? Oh sheesh.
Point being, I assume there's a lot of newcomers to the game so here are a few tips for the new PS3 players, courtesy of Mojang.
  1. Never dig straight down! It's a lot harder to get back to the surface, and you might end up dropping into lava. Lava is uncomfortably hot.
  2. Never dig straight up! You might end up with a head full of sand, gravel, or the melty hot stuff we mentioned earlier.
  3. If you come to a junction while mining, and one of the routes leads upwards, take that one. Explore the safe options first, and then go adventuring deep underground.
  4. Always watch your back in dark places! There might be something scary behind you... waaah!
  5. Make sure you bring torches. Place them first, then collect the resources later.
  6. Tools are great! Use them and upgrade when you get the chance.
  7. Mean things come out at night. It's probably wise to build yourself a shelter before it gets dark.
  8. Don't forget to bring food with you when exploring. There's nothing worse than going hungry.
  9. Iron armour gives great protection and isn't too tricky to craft.
  10. Don't look directly at the bugs. (That one's from 4J Studios.)
With the game still due out on PS Vita, Xbox One, and PS4, I imagine we'll be seeing more of these tips in the future.

Minecraft (PlayStation 3 Edition)

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