5 Winners and Losers of the Week in Business

Targets Profits Rise 12 Percent In First Quarter
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From a popular multiplex operator going public to a retailer getting hacked at the worst possible time, here's a rundown of the week's best and worst news from the business world.

Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) -- Winner

Chipotle is getting a new stamp in its ethnic cuisine passport. Having mastered Mexican, it was already giving Asian a shot with its new ShopHouse chain. And now, we can add Italian to its map after Chipotle revealed this week that it's a financial backer of Pizzeria Locale.

The fast casual concept gives pizza a Chipotle-like makeover with folks ordering at the counter, customizing their 11-inch pies along the assembly line, after which they are baked in a speedy oven that serves up tasty pies in just two minutes.

Chipotle's growing just fine with its flagship burrito chain, but it never hurts to diversify before expansion-fueled growth plateaus, or tastes change.

Target (TGT) -- Loser

Holiday shopping at Target may ultimately prove to more trouble than bargain seekers were hoping for this season. The cheap chic discounter revealed that hackers installed software that stole the info on more than 40 million credit and debit card transactions from Nov. 27 through Dec. 15.

This is naturally going to be bad news for those that had their plastic compromised. Everyone that shopped at Target this season is being advised to carefully look over their statements. However, it's also very bad for the retailer at the worst possible time. Shoppers may not be too comfortable heading into Target during these last few shopping days before Christmas.

AMC Entertainment (AMC) -- Winner

Lights! Camera! IPO action! It may not have been the blockbuster IPO of the year, but the debut of the leading movie theater chain proved to be a success this week. AMC Entertainment went public at $18, opening 7 percent higher and staying above its IPO price. The leading exhibitor operates 343 movie theaters housing 4,950 screens. AMC entertains 200 million guests a year.

%VIRTUAL-article-sponsoredlinks%One may see movie theaters as a fading industry in this era of high-def TVs and cozy living rooms, but AMC has rolled with the changing climate by introducing better concessions and cozier seating at some of its locations. That's entertainment!

IMAX (IMAX) -- Winner

AMC wasn't the only big-screen winner this week. IMAX -- the company with hundreds of theater installations around the world providing larger than life projections -- announced a deal that will expand its reach into the world's most populous nation.

IMAX is teaming up with Asia's largest exhibitor to install 80 more IMAX screens across China. It's probably not a surprise that China has become IMAX's second largest market, but the deal is a reminder that IMAX isn't just about the premium movie-viewing experience in the saturated U.S. market.

SeaWorld (SEAS) -- Loser

Life just doesn't seem to get any easier for SeaWorld. The marine life park operator is losing musical acts faster than a reality TV competition. Martina McBride and .38 Special became the latest recording stars to bow out of upcoming appearances in the wake of the revelations made in the "Blackfish" documentary.

The movie depicts the inhumane treatment of killer whales in captivity at SeaWorld, and the dangers posed to the park's trainers.

SeaWorld was already suffering sliding attendance this summer, but now activists are putting the heat on those who to do business with the theme park chain -- and the strategy is working.

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