Racist Tweet Lands PR Bigwig In Vat of Hot Water

<b class="credit">Facebook/Justine Sacco</b>
Facebook/Justine Sacco

There are two rules for any employee with a personal account on Twitter: 1) the boss can likely see what you're doing, and 2), acting in a controversial manner could get you in trouble or axed. It's pretty simple, as food workers, teachers, and others have found.

You'd think that people in public relations would be among the first to recognize the potential problems. After all, they get paid to manage the public image of celebrities and corporations. They've seen all the mistakes and dangers dozens of times and regularly have to tell people what not to do. But sometimes the people who should know best don't seem to when it comes to their own actions. At least, that allegedly seems to be the case for Justine Sacco, whose LinkedIn profile shows her position as senior director of corporate communications at IAC.