Last Minute Holiday Deals on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Sometimes it pays to be a late shopper. I know Black Friday is usually the time to shop, but a number of retailers are offering some last minute deals on Nintendo Wii U and 3DS systems. Walmart, GameStop, Toys 'R' Us, and Target are all offering some sort of sale this week, all of which are highlighted below, courtesy of Nintendo.


$50 off Wii U with Nintendo Land Deluxe Set (ends Dec. 31)
Get $25 off PLUS a $25 Gift Card with purchase of the Limited Edition Skylanders SWAP Force Wii U Basic Set (ends Dec. 21)


Nintendo 3DS XL for $149.99 (ends Dec. 21)

Psst - trying to decide whether the XL is worth it? This video may help you decide:

Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS XL Comparison

Toys 'R' Us

$25 Gift Card with purchase of any Wii U console (ends Dec. 21)


$50 off Wii U with Nitnendo Land Deluxe Set (ends Dec. 31)
While you're at it, check out our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Wii U.

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