Capcom Announces Holiday iPhone And iPad Sale

Just in time for the holidays, Capcom announced that it marked down five of its more popular mobile games to $0.99 apiece.

Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile, Street Fighter II Collection, Street Fighter IV Volt, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Ghost Trick: Paranormal Detective are now just under a buck each. Ghost Trick in particular is a great bargain, as it usually goes for $9.99 to unlock all the chapters in the game. That's a 90 percent savings.

Capcom hasn't said when the sale will come to an end, so you'd better jump on these deals while they last!

Download Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile- iPhone & iPad

Download Street Fighter II Collection- iPhone & iPad

Download Street Fighter IV Volt- iPhone & iPad

Download Marvel vs. Capcom 2- iPhone & iPad

Download Ghost Trick: PD- iPhone & iPad

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