7 Remote Spots to Completely Escape the Holiday Madness

Tree house in snow
You just can't bear the idea of another stressful holiday season, with out-of-town in-laws overstaying their welcome and ugly sweater parties. So what's your best option? Cut out of town and escape civilization entirely.

Nothing's better for avoiding this time of year than holing up in the middle of nowhere where you can't be reached. So look no further than these seven spots.

1. Backcountry huts near Mount Rainier, Washington

The Mount Tahoma Trails Association maintains a system of cross-country ski and snowshoe trails near Mount Rainier National Park that are complete with three huts and one yurt. The accommodations are fully equipped with mattresses, stoves and mugs to drink your hot chocolate and hot toddies out of, so all you have to do is bring your food and your sleeping bag. And your wool socks of course.

2. Off the beaten track in Lofoten Islands, Norway

You want to go remote? Head up north and above the Arctic Circle into the quiet archipelago of the Lofoten Islands. With small fishing villages that are totally off the beaten track paired with a natural landscape that's hard to beat, the only thing you'll be concerned about is trying to get all your activities in while it's still light out.

3. Minimal huts in New Zealand

If you're really looking to escape, what better way than heading to the other side of the world. New Zealand is well known for its remoteness,and if you really want to take advantage of that isolation, you can plan a trip staying in the country's network of 950 backcountry huts. You might as well not bring your cell phone.

4. A yurt in Colorado

Strap on your cross-country skis and get thee to a yurt. You'll be snowed in and days away from any encroaching family members. Colorado State Parks manages an entire network and there are also private operations like Never Summer Nordic and Tennessee Pass -- which not only features accommodations, but an entire yurt restaurant, where you can snag a delicious local beer and a buffalo burger. Way better than Christmas cookies.

5. Barrow, Alaska

The northernmost village in the United States, Barrow is about as remote as you can get. Two thirds of the population (which is a whopping 4,500) is of Inupiat Eskimo descent. Located above the Arctic Circle you can expect it to be cold, which means you'll be so busy trying to warm up you'll forget about the holidays entirely. Plus there's dog sledding and Northern Lights watching to be had.

6. A treehouse, anywhere

If you are seriously debating on having nothing to do with the holidays, the best place to do that just might be in a treehouse. It's like when you were 6 years old and created a secret club that only your friends could be a part of, and they had to know the code word to get into your treehouse. Airbnb has an excellent selection of housing in trees where you're sure to find your dream spot.

7. The beaches of Nauru

As the world's most least visited country, you can be sure no one is going to hassle you in Nauru during the holidays. And once you get there, you won't be leaving anytime soon; there's one flight a week to Brisbane. But you'll have white sandy beaches all to yourself and no holiday sparkling lights anywhere in sight.
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