The 2015 Ford Mustang: Up Close With the Mustang's Chief Engineer


It still looks like nothing but a Ford Mustang, but when you see it next to its predecessor, the 2015 Ford Mustang (on the right) looks quite a bit different. It's different under the skin, too. Photo by John Rosevear

Ford's all-new 2015 Mustang is the first Mustang to be designed from the start as a global model. Unlike past Mustangs, this one will be sold in markets all over the world.

That's a big change. To emphasize that point, Ford unveiled its new pony in a series of events all over the world. In six different cities on four continents, Ford hosted events featuring members of the Mustang's design team along with senior executives, giving analysts and media members an up-close look at the new Mustang and the thinking that went into its design.

Our "Motor Money" team of Rex Moore and John Rosevear were front and center at Ford's New York event to take a close look and share their impressions of this all-new global Mustang. So what's the verdict? Long story short, it's still very much a Mustang. It hasn't been watered down at all for its new global audience, and even though it's now part of Ford's global product plan, it still has a unique and special status.

Why is that? We went right to the top to find out. John talked to Ford's Dave Pericak, who holds what must be one of the coolest titles in the entire global auto business: Mustang chief engineer. In this video, shot live at Ford's New York event, Pericak tells John how the Mustang evolved into an all-new model, on an all-new platform -- and explains how that new platform fits into Ford's global product plan.

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