Angry Birds Go! Cheats And Tips

Rovio's Angry Birds Go! is officially, well, a go. The company's free-to-play kart racer sped to the iOS and Android app stores, bringing with it different karts to unlock and upgrade, mini-games to complete and characters with unique abilities. Having heroes and villains get tired is kind of weird, but that aside, you'll have some fun with this attractive title. That said, the community is bound to have plenty of questions about the game, and thankfully, we have lots of answers.

How do I upgrade karts in Angry Birds Go!?

To transform karts into efficient speed machines, you'll need to make upgrades across the following four categories: Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling and Strength. To do this, simply tap the plus (+) symbol next to the desired attribute to bring up the in-game price, then tap again to make the upgrade. Keep in mind you'll need the necessary amount of gold coins.

How do I get more gold coins in Angry Birds Go!?

Racing, and lots of it. Simply drive through gold coins to collect them. If you want to spend some cash, you can earn Double Coins forever, but it'll cost you $6.99. You can also purchase more coins with gems.

How do I unlock characters in Angry Birds Go!?

There are two ways, really. The first involves buying Telepods figures. From there, you're able to place these toys on the device's camera to beam these heroes and villains into the game. The second involves beating characters in special Champion Chase events.

How does the slingshot work in Angry Birds Go!?

Before a race begins, you have the opportunity to pull back on your character and then launch him or her onto the track. The best time to do this is when the timer reaches the number one (three, two, one, go!), right before the announcer screams "go!" Do it too early, and your character will spin out and get off to a bad start.

How do I get gems in Angry Birds Go!?

Rovio will award you gems for beating Champion Chase events. You'll also find a couple spread along the tracks during races. The easiest way to get a ton, though, involves spending money to buy more, and the publisher sells gems in various quantities. You can also spend gems to buy gold coins. Yes, we know it's a shameless cycle.

How do I recharge characters in Angry Birds Go!?

Characters eventually run out of energy and go to sleep in Angry Birds Go! To continue playing, you can select a different character, or recharge the current one with 10 gems. Finally, you can wait until the recharge time is up, which means putting the game down for at least 23 minutes.

How do I improve my kart's CC in Angry Birds Go!?

There will be times when you'll be unable to compete in certain events because your kart's CC is too low. Simply make upgrades to raise it.

How do I change characters and karts in Angry Birds Go!?

While at the upgrade screen, look for the kart and Angry Birds icons on the bottom. Click one to go to the desired area.

How do I use powers in Angry Birds Go!?

During a race, wait until the lightning bolt icon (right side of the screen) fills up and then tap it to activate your character's special ability. Under normal circumstances, you only have one per race, but you can buy up to three for three gems each. Pretty costly, eh?

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