Officially Licensed Mega Man Board Game Coming Next Year

Kickstarter's not just a platform for video game developers frustrated with the current publishing model to find alternative means of funding; among other things, it's also a thriving hub of exciting new tabletop gaming projects.

In fact, while we're still waiting to see the results of a number of high-profile video game Kickstarter projects, board gamers have been happily enjoying the fruits of their crowdfunding labors for some time now, with a wide variety of successful projects demonstrating that crowdfunding is a particularly good solution for that medium.

Now, though, the video and board game worlds have collided with a new project from Jasco Games: anofficially licensed Mega Man board game.

Jasco claims that the game will be a "side-scrolling board game" for 2-8 players that aims to do several things: capture the feeling of playing a single-player Mega Man game; ensure that all players around the table have things to do, even when it's not their turn; and provide a party game feel that is high on interaction, betrayal and backstabbing... Read more at US Gamer.

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