8 Budget-Friendly Winter Activities

Senior Couple Sledging Through Snowy Woodland
Senior Couple Sledging Through Snowy Woodland

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Johnny and I are self-proclaimed winter haters. Or, to be more specific, cold haters. You know, that thing where the temperature drops below 50 degrees and doesn't come back up for four months. We were both raised in warm climates where "winter" was the one day each year that you looked ridiculous wearing a scarf with shorts.

Yet somehow, we've spent our entire marriage freezing our buns off in cold climates. We learned the hard way that handwarmers are often little more than lukewarm beanbags. Six years later, we've finally begun to adapt to the cold climate, allowing our winter-hating hearts to thaw just a little. And we've done it in such a way that keeps our wallets winterized. After all, December has enough expenses for all the winter months combined. So Johnny and I have compiled a list of eight of our favorite budget-friendly ways to give the winter blues the cold shoulder (sorry; cold-weather puns are in my veins).

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