ARM Holdings Buys Graphics Lighting Company Geomerics

ARM Holdings Buys Graphics Lighting Company Geomerics

Today, ARM Holdingsacquired Geomerics, a leader in graphics lighting for the mobile and entertainment industries, for an undisclosed amount. The move allows ARM to push further into graphics processing for mobile devices.

Geomerics' lighting technology, called Enlighten, is a real-time illumination technology that provides game makers with an easy way to include dynamic lighting graphics for PC, console, and mobile games. The tech has been used in games for Electronic Arts, including its Battlefield, Medal of Honor and Need for Speed franchises. The technology brings photo realistic lighting in 3-D graphic environments and allows for compound reflections, refractions, shadows and life-like graphics imaging, according to the company.

ARM executive vice president and general manager of its media processing division, Pete Hutton, said in a press release that, "The innovative technologies being developed by Geomerics are already revolutionizing the console gaming experience and are set to rapidly accelerate the transition to photo realistic graphics in mobile."

Geomerics COO Chris Doran said in the release that, "This combination of ARM and Geomerics accelerates the realization of our vision to bring next generation console graphics to mobile devices."

On its website, Geomerics said it had worked with ARM for two years and found many activities between the two companies "were identified as being either mirrored, overlapping or complementary." Geomerics said it will continue with business as usual and will keep working with its existing customers.

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