Winterize Your Lawn Tools and Save -- Savings Experiment

Winterize Your Lawn Tools and Save
Winterize Your Lawn Tools and Save

When spring rolls around, you may find that your lawn equipment has gotten worse over time. Here's how to store it during the winter so that you won't have to spend unnecessary cash next season.

When it comes to winterizing your lawn mower, it's all about cleaning out the tank. Having gas sitting in there all winter can clog the carburetor, which can cost up to $100 to clean professionally.

Here's how you do it: First, add some fuel stabilizer to the tank and run the mower for about five minutes to distribute it through the system. Next, empty as much fuel as possible by using a siphon pump. Run the mower until the rest of the gas is used up.

The extra gas that your siphoned out can actually be put directly in your car, if your mower has the right kind of engine. But be careful, some mowers have 2-cycle engines, which use a gas and oil mix that's not good for your vehicle.

When it comes to your hand-held gardening tools, there's an easy way to make them last. Simply fill a 5-gallon bucket with builder's sand and mix it together with one quart of 10W-30 motor oil. Scrub any rust off the tools and place blade-down into the bucket. This one simple trick will keep them dry and rust-free for months.

Now is the perfect time to try out these tips. Not only will you save money in the spring, you'll keep your lawn tools in great shape for years to come.

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