What We Read: 5 Books That Changed My Life

You are what you read. In that spirit, AOL Jobs will feature books recommended by our staff and contributors each day for the next week or so. As the year winds down, consider one of these reads to savor in your down time or give to a reader in your life.

When AOL asked me to write about some books that affected how I look at my work and my life, I was flummoxed. How to pick just a few? I've read voraciously since I was able to read, so there are probably thousands of books that have influenced me over the years. Which ones made me choose employee-side employment law? Which books helped me decide that fighting for justice and equality were my path in life?

The books on my list are ones I still think about and talk about 30 or 40 years after I first read them. Books that taught me about justice and equality, that made me think about the world in a different way. In short, books that changed my life.