Rumor: Fallout 4 is in Production; Will Take Place in Boston


According to leaked documents obtained by Kotaku, Fallout 4 is very much real and very much in production - and it's going to take place in Boston.

Several weeks ago, fans noticed a mysterious website called TheSurvivor2299 pop up, presenting itself as a teaser for the new Fallout 4. Although this turned out to be a hoax (albeit a very elaborate, well-thought out one), new evidence suggests that a Fallout 4 is indeed under production, and this information seems to be quite legitimate.

For example, in one of the scripts for the intro, the main character narrates the line "War. War never changes," - a well-known saying throughout the Fallout series. Adding to its legitimacy, additional script pages suggest that one mission will be set in "The Institute," which is Fallout's "post-apocalyptic version of MIT," and there are references to "The Commonwealth" (what remains of Massachusetts) - a location that has been hinted at in other Fallout franchises but has never fully been shown.

Head over to Kotaku to read more about the leaked documents. And let us know in the comments what you think about the new location - are you excited? Or disappointed? [via GameZone]