Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Expansion Now Available

Big news for Candy Crush Saga players. King officially released the game's first expansion via update 1.22.0. Once downloaded, gamers who complete up to level 50 on the Saga Map will be able to access Dreamworld, a magical place featuring a new character, Odus the Owl.

From there, they'll enjoy over 30 Dreamworld levels based on previous stages in the game, with notable exceptions. This time, they'll need to keep Odus perched on his half-moon by destroying the required pieces of candy. Later, they'll experience the all-new Moon Struck effect, which removes colored candies from the board.

"We're thrilled to offer new and existing Candy Crush Saga players an exciting new way of playing the game" says Tommy Palm, Games Guru at King. "We hope that the new 'Dreamworld' mode will prove a fun twist for newcomers to the game and a tantalising challenge for our loyal fanbase. As with all our games, we endeavour to offer our valued players a regular flow of exciting new content - we hope that they will love the new map, as much as we've enjoyed developing it."

The update is available for Facebook, iOS and Android.

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