Why Are There Hardly Any Xbox One Demos?

Microsoft have explained why there has been a strange lack of demos available on Xbox One. The answer? It's the developers fault. It seems like it is down to the developer whether or not to create a demo for the game, so the lack of demos so far seems like it might just be a coincidence.

Major Nelson commented on his blog saying:

"It is (and always has been) up to game developers to do demos for their own games, [There'll] be more demos for Xbox One as the platform goes forward."

Xbox Live exec Marc Whitten said in September.

"Not all [digital] games will have demos like Xbox Live Arcade games have had on Xbox 360, that said, we are going to work on lots of ways to make it easy for you to find and try new games on the service."

Demos are a good chance to try out a game if you are unsure about it, I remember liking some demos more than the actual game itself! Hopefully more come to to the Xbox Games Store soon as I'm sure some people would love to try before spending $60 on something.

Comment below if you have a favorite demo that you remember!

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