United Crew Locks Sleeping Passenger on Plane

When United Express Flight 4245 from Lafayette, Louisiana stopped at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport Friday night, the flight attendants ostensibly swept the plane. It's a safe bet they found discarded newspapers, food wrappers and tissues.

What they missed was the 51-year-old captain of an oil platform supply boat.

On the first leg of his trip to California, Tom Wagner fell asleep in his window seat near the back of the plane, Houston's KTRK-TV reports. When Wagner woke, he found himself locked on an abandoned airplane. So he did what anyone would do: he used the bathroom.

Then he called his girlfriend. Once he convinced her that she wasn't joking, she contacted United. The airlines said there was "no way" Wagner was locked on the plane. While she was trying to convince them otherwise, a couple of maintenance workers happened to board the plane where they found Wagner.

Wagner missed his connection to California, but the airlines "gave him a $250 voucher, picked up the motel bill and switched him Saturday to a more convenient flight."

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