Christian School Teacher Loses Job When Her Nude Pics Go Online

A fifth-grade school teacher at the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA) in Sycamore Township, Ohio has resigned following online publication of her nude photos, according to television station WKRC.

At the end of November, the photos appeared on at least three websites that some news reports have characterized as "revenge porn" websites in which former lovers post revealing images of people for spite. One of the sites,, disputes the characterization and claims to be more broadly focused on "gossip and satire." The other sites have not been publicly identified.

The images were selfies of the unnamed teacher, some of which were nudes. In one of the latter, a kid photo-bombed the picture, an arm and hand, making a peace sign, seen sticking in the corner of the frame. When they first appeared, the teacher was placed on administrative leave, according to television station WKRC.

CHCA is a Christian college-prep school with students from pre-school through 12th grade. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the school was aware that the images were posted without the teacher's "knowledge or consent," according to USA Today.

It remains unclear how someone could have gained access to the photos in the first place. That has led many to assume that the teacher, who is married and has young children, was having an affair and that the other person provided the images to the TheDirty. However, another possibility was that she took the pictures to share with her husband and not someone else.

In two of the pictures, the teacher was using her phone to take an image in a mirror. The WCPO story mentions that the teacher filed a police report on November 23 about her iPhone 4s having been stolen, according to television station WCPO. That was a day after some of the photos first appeared on one of the websites. If the photos were all on her phone and it was stolen, the thief would have had access to the images.

WCPO reporter Amy Wadas talked to the teacher's husband. He said they aren't sure how the teacher's photos got online to begin with. Together, they are working with local authorities to handle the matter.

A spokesperson told the Cincinnati Enquirer that it was the school's first experience with such an issue. While CHCA has employee behavior policies, the circumstances had been unclear.

However, it is not the first time that the school has been involved in controversy. At the Armleder School, which is part of CHCA, a music teacher who had been offered a job last year reported that the offer had been rescinded when he told officials that he was gay, according to the Huffington Post.
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