Deck the Halls With These Top December Buys -- Savings Experiment

Deck the Halls With These Great December Buys
Deck the Halls With These Great December Buys

With all the holiday shopping going on in December, it can really help to know what deals are worth your money. Here are some of the best and worst buys of the month.

While buying a new bike in the winter might feel counterintuitive, this is actually a great month for sales. In recent years, DealNews found the most Editors' Choice bargains in December from vendors like REI, Walmart and Performance Bike.

You can also nab great bargains on floor models this month. From appliances to lighting, retailers are scrambling to get their showroom floors ready for next year, so you can expect to see up to 50 percent off on some items. If you see something you like, asking a salesperson can really pay off.

As for what items to avoid, hold off on buying furniture. New inventory arrives in February, which is why you should wait until January to make your purchases. This is when many stores have markdowns of up to 50 percent off so they can make space for all the new stock.

Another item to skip in December is linens. If you can wait, many stores will be having their "white sales" in January, when you'll find towels, blankets and sheets at up to 60 percent off.

This holiday season, keep these December deals and duds in mind. With all the spending going on, it helps to save a little, too.

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