City Serves Woman Eviction Notice on Her 100th Birthday (Video)

If three is a trend, let's hope the practice of serving the elderly with eviction notices on their birthdays stops now. Last year it was a 98-year-old woman in Connecticut who was served with eviction papers by her son. Then over the weekend it was reported that a tenant of a New York apartment building got the notice on her 100th birthday, though her case appears at least to be less personal. According to New York's Daily News, Concetta Passione was told by the New York City Housing Authority that she must leave the public housing apartment that she says has been her address for about half of her century on this earth.

Concetta & Sebastian Passione
The agency terminated her lease at Rutgers Houses in the belief that it's her 73-year-old son, Sebastian Passione, who actually occupies the apartment on the Lower East Side and that his mother's primary residence is in Italy. (Son and mother are pictured at right.) Concetta Passione doesn't dispute that she visits Italy yearly, and Sebastian Passione also admits that he lives in the $219-a-month apartment, having moved in years ago to take his brother Paul's place in caring for his mother after he left the apartment. But as seen in the video above, they and their lawyer maintain that they've nothing to hide and that the fault actually lies with the management, which failed to properly process the paperwork submitted when Sebastian Passione moved in.

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