Cut The Rope 2 Releases On iPhone And iPad December 19th

Happy holidays, mobile gamers - ZeptoLab will give you something savory later this month with the return of Om Nom.

The company announced that its long-awaited sequel, Cut the Rope 2, will make its debut exclusively on iOS devices December 19th.

Speaking with Polygon, ZeptoLab CEO Misha Lyalin explained that the company wanted to create a new experience for the sequel, keeping in mind everything that worked so well in previous games.

"We've released many, many updates for the original Cut the Rope, and our numbers in terms of downloads and daily active users continue to climb, but we wanted to tell a different story," said Lyalin. "We wanted to have very new game mechanics, and we felt that this is a very different game, so it deserves a number 2."

The game will feature a variety of new characters and settings, including the springy Toss and the tongue-spewing Lick.

We'll have full coverage on the game following its release.

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