Gran Turismo 6 PlayStation 3 Review: Flawed Genius

Gran Turismo 6 is ambitious, sprawling - and a little bit all over the place. US Gamer's Jaz Rignall takes a hard look at the newest addition to the racing franchise.

I've been staring at my screen for way too long, trying to come up with a clever and witty introduction to this review. But screw it. Let me just cut to the chase: Gran Turismo 6 is all over the place. Its one part pure genius, one part ridiculous over-achiever, one part check-it-wrote-but-can't-afford-to-cash, one part greatest racer of all time, and one part victim of its own wonderful legacy. It hits generation-defining highs, sometimes tricks you into thinking you're looking at a new generation game, and then slaps you with something that looks like it's from a prior generation.

It's a wild ride. A wonderful ride. But after a somewhat bumpy relationship with the last two outings of the franchise, I'm finally back in love with it again. Warts and all.

What makes GT6 a winner is that it's set its own bar utterly stupidly high. And while it sails spectacularly beneath it, it's still reaching higher than anything else before it. This time around, Gran Turismo 6 really does set out to do exactly what is says on its packet: The Real Driving Simulator. It's not a racing game – at least, it's not all racing. Nope. This is about driving. Driving all manner of vehicles in all manner of ways, and the game delivers that by presenting a veritable smorgasbord of vehicular challenges that are quite mind-boggling in scope and variety...

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